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For every $10 you spend you will receive 1 Loyalty Buck for use toward future purchases at We even give you one free Loyalty Buck just for signing up.

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Introducing Loyalty Bucks

What are Loyalty Bucks?

Loyalty Bucks are credits that accumulate in your online account with As you make purchases online your Loyalty Bucks are automatically tallied based upon your purchases. You will receive 1 Loyalty Buck for every $10 you spend shopping online. Once accumulated you may choose to spend your Loyalty Bucks on your next purchase or save your Loyalty Bucks for future purchases.

How Long Are Loyalty Bucks Good For?

Forever… As long as you have your account with your Loyalty Bucks are safe with us.

Can I use Loyalty Bucks toward Shipping Cost?

No, unfortunately not. Loyalty Bucks can only be redeemed for the price of the merchandise you are purchasing. Shipping and handling fee will be calculated during checkout.

Can I use Loyalty Bucks on Sale Items?

Yes! Loyalty Bucks spend just like cash during checkout. Your Loyalty Bucks will reduce your order subtotal by $1 for every Loyalty Buck you have accumulated, sale items included.

How Can I Earn My First Loyalty Buck?

Simple! Just create a new account with and we will automatically credit your account 1 Loyalty Buck for you to use toward your first purchase. From there you will earn future Loyalty Bucks on all purchases made online.

Can I Redeem My Loyalty Bucks for Cash?

No. Loyalty Bucks are electronic funds that can only be redeemed for products offered at